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Ireland in Mono

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Went on holiday to Ireland for Gillian’s birthday and had a great time in Dublin, Cork and Inish Beg. The crossing from Fishguard to Rosslare was rougher than expected and some members of the party experienced the joys of seasickness. Coming as I do from a long line of sailors I remained manfully at my post as the Irish Sea rocked and rolled.  To see James’s misery lift, as he watched his mother reaquaint us with the earlier snacks, was what family holidays are all about.  Gillian spent the rest of the trip hinting for an airticket as part of the birthday surprises.

In Dublin we shopped for presents for the big day and ate fine food at Eden , Elephant & Castle  and Rolys.  In Grafton St at Thomas & Brown I discovered a shop upmarket enough to have TVs in the toilets.  It was here I discovered that Bobby Robson had died as I unzipped my fly.

From Dublin we shot across Ireland to Adare and the Dunraven Arms Hotel.   A bit stuffy as a hotel but the food was OK and James continued his research into Irish soups whenever faced with a menu that Gillian and I might enjoy.

As the rain fell in torrents next day, we drove down to Inish Beg with a stop off in Kilarney. This is where I came across musicians and dancers outside a pub.  Passed through Bantry Bay and arrived in Skibereen with the rain still teeming down.

The next few days the weather improved and we had a great time exploring this West Cork peninsular. It’s our second visit and was a delightful as the first.  We continued to shop for Gillian’s birthday and as expected had great succes at the Breacon Knitwear outlet near Balitimore.  The big day went well with a great breakfast at Glebe Gardens and a trip to Lough Hyne. In the evening we finally made into Annie’s in Balldehob after looking in the window on two previous visits.  Wasn’t quite as I’d imagined and the lady on the next table complained her steak was tough.  My food was wonderful and I was the most stuffed I had been  for a long time.

We finished the week with a couple of days in Cork while ignoring England’s demise at Headingley in the 4th Test. Stayed at the Clarion Hotel, a very spiffing place right in the centre of Cork.  We ate both nights at Market Lane, a place we had discoverd on our last visit.  The combination of really very good food and a children’s menu is rarely done so well.  Shopping was continued and I almost bought myself a mandolin but hesitated on the Saturday and missed my chance as Ireland is not so relaxed in its Sunday trading laws.  Gillian continued to give full vent to her shopaholic tendencies with great success.  Packing the car for the return journey was some what harder than on departure.

There was much checking of the weather in the Irish Sea for our return trip and a demand that I issue the travel sickness pills.  In the end we raced across Ireland to the ferry, the sea was calm and after a day’s travelling we returned home all about half a stone  heavier, so I guess that means it was a good holiday.


Oh the pics….. Leica M3 and 50mm Summicron DR. Shot with Ilford HP5+ processed in my own mixed D23. Scanned with Epson V700.

A Lost Punk Love Song – Sinking in the Sands

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I have been perfecting my solo act which is still far from perfection but I hacked this out today and thought it worth the experiment of getting sound on to the blog. I couldn’t get text on the audio player so it is summoned up from The Home of Menacing Banjo


               Sinking in the Sands (Williams\Willson) 1979 


iew119-2            Cut that hair and those guitar strings (Bridge  St 1979) 

I can still remember the night I wrote the lyrics in Gillian’s room in Bridge St Lampeter as we approached the end of the academic year and the future was unwritten.  Evocative of change I like to think. It was that summer in 1979 that Paul Williams put some Lay Lady Lay like chords to it and as the Repeaters died The Airtight Garage was born. We were so excited by what seemed like a proper song  but of course it is as ugly as it is beautiful . It has always been one of my favourites and over 30 years later I can just about get away with singing my own words. I’ll be ready to hit the road soon surfing the grey wave music explosion that must be just around the corner.