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Large Format in the Garden

Posted in Uncategorized on September 8, 2009 by yammerman

I’ve wanted to use my Nikon 120mm LF Macro lens for a while so I put it on my Wista VX  and marched off into the garden. Large format is the hair shirt of photography as you have to do almost everything yourself and concentrate very hard. This does not come naturally to me which may well be its appeal. That and the connection I feel with my Victorian predecessors as I disappear under a cloth so I can see what I’m photographing.  Focusing while carrying a meter, the dark slide, my glasses and of course the cloth is no mean feat. I took 12 shots and only screwed up once when I forgot to close the shutter after composing and got a black frame for my trouble. I shot 4 at a time before dashing up stairs and in total darkness moved the four frames through the sequence of trays. Huge excitement when you turn on the light to discover great big 5×4 negatives. I expect to print them up in the dark room on 12X16 fibre paper when I have the time but until then these scans will have to do.

I did think about repeating the shots with my D300 but its just wouldn’t be as much fun.