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Snow Garden – Nikon D300 with 18-200mm VR

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A week of snow and I watched the photo opportunities melting and played guitar. We had another bout last night but the tragic kind that turns to slush almost as soon as it arrives. Finally as the temperature has risen slightly I decide to visit that distant landscape that always draws me back – the garden. The old tree is doing good work in the fireplace but I found some new things to turn my eye to. Finished off a roll of B&W as well, so I might well squeeze out another blog in a  few days.

I used my trusty D300 and jack of all trades 18-200mm. It vignettes distorts and has zoom creep so fits well with my casual attitude to digital photography. Messed about with them in Lightroom 2.6 finding a “Direct Positive” preset that I liked. Digital is so beautifully easy but I’m looking forward to mooching in the darkroom later  when I process the two rolls of HP5. Newcastle v Plymouth Argyle on the radio and the stink of fix ….it’s a kind of heaven.

Get Off The Planet

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I’m starting the year with a song. I wrote this when all that moon landing anniversary stuff must have been penetrating my consciousness. Grew up thinking we were living in the space age only to find it was really the age of the idiot. Shouldn’t be grumpy on the first day of the New Year but it seems sometimes we’d  sit here in this beautiful universe waiting to die in our own shit.

Its just me and a Gibson Les Paul Special but don’t under estimate the help of a Digitech Studio Vocalist.

Here it is……Get Off The Planet(Willson)

Happy New Year and no sign of rats living or dead.