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Garden Macro with Leica R4s and 60mm Elmarit

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On Sunday, I spent some time in the garden in order that I had two rolls of Rollei Retro 100 to process and I used one of my favourite macro lenses the Leica 60mm Elmarit. I used it with a Leica R4s which as SLRs go is a bit clunky but if it lets me use this very fine lens I don’t mind. One of my favourite things is taking an ordinary space and, by really exploring it and looking for interesting shapes and forms, make it come to life under the close inspection of a macro lens.

I’m warming to this Rollei Retro 100 as, apart from its sharpness, its seems to have processed well  in Xtol (1+1).  I’ve yet to print any of the negatives in the darkroom but they seem to be scanning  with some good tones. Once I took them into Lightroom  I decided to play about with some of the presets and I do seem drawn to the Antique Light that is on offer.  Rather a guilty pleasure as the purist in me feels this amounts to cheating.  There was certainly more magic when I used the chemicals to tone some  prints earlier in the year but these  results are very good and without the risk that I’ll come in to contact with some noxious chemical.

Penarth with a Lomo Fisheye

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A while ago I received a Lomo Fish Eye camera as a present from my good friend Bob Machin and I did take a couple of good shots with it. The flash sadly packed up almost immediatley which kind stopped me in my tracks but I’d been meaning to get out with it for a while. So as I watched the sunlight stream through the curtains this morning the idea popped into my head to dash round Penarth and knock a roll of fisheye masterpieces. Perfect material for a blog I thought. So here in all its glory is the gallery of images.  I might do a calender next year.

Shot with some very cheap Rollei Retro 100 and processed in Xtol 1+1

Chidam with Fotoman 45PS and Schneider 90mm Super Angulon

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I’m trying to catch up with some stuff I’ve done recently, mostly slowed down by the tedium of scanning. Took the Fotoman 45PS to the in laws in West Sussex where there is a an old building that I’ve been particularly attracted to over the years. I rattled off far too many images too quickly, some on a family walk, and thus the blunder rate was higher than I’d hoped. This included accidently pulling the darkslide off a previously exposed shot and crumpling the film when trying to put the darkslide back in. It’s a heart sinking moment when you realise a hard won image has been trashed by your own incompetance at some stage in the procedure. I also had evidence of chemcial flow on some of the shots when I scanned them so I’ve invented a new way for things to go wrong. I’m guessing it’s some weakness in my technique when tray processing. Still I’m reasonably happy with what remains and I got the barn. 

Shot with a Schneider 90mm F8 Super Angulon with HP5+. Processed in trays using Xtol 1+1 and scanned using Epson V700.