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Boy in a Pool using a Voigtlander Bessa R2a and Leica 35mm f2 ASPH

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So the film has been piling up for months and I’ve not been inclined to process it as the darkroom was a mess and I simply could not put down the guitars. With the boy back at school, a peace has once more descended on the house and with it the energy to tackle the mess in the attic. With a semblance of order returned, I decided to tackle the four rolls of Rollei Retro 100 I’d shot this summer.    

 The problem of leaving it so long is, once I see the images, I then have to rack my brains as to which camera it was using. For the pictures I’m posting here I’m sure it was the Voigtlander Bessa R2a and the Leica 35mm F2 ASPH  which is the holiday camera of choice and 35mm being the compromise between 28 and 50mm when trying to travel light. Plus there’s a picture of me on one of the rolls and the Bessa is the only one with a meter and aperture priority enabling Gillian to shoot with confidence.    

The Rollei Retro 100 was a cheap film I picked up in bulk having at first been drawn to the 400 version. I’ve started using Rodinal which seems to be going well as these negatives came out fine. It was 9 mins @ 23 degrees with 15 secs of agitation to start and then one turn of the tank every 30 secs. I was some what alarmed when the developer ran black as I emptied the tank but it must be a dye on the film because it processed well. I’ll probably reduce the time a bit more  as a thinner negative will be easier to scan.   

 These shots are just a few from our villa holiday in Portugal in June where we did nothing for a week except lounge, swim and eat. This naturally reduced the subjects to photograph down to one namely James doing his best impression of a fish.  With water, light and movement, what’s not to interest a photographer? 






The Gospel According to Pretty

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The combination of too much caffeine and half a bottle of wine gave me the energy and bravado to knock out a version of my newest lyrical masterpiece. Where do these ideas come from I have no idea but these days I spend a lot of time waiting for them. The chorus just popped into my head and I’d written the whole thing in about fifteen minutes, its oddness making me suspect there is some sort of portal from the 1960’s in my attic.

After playing it for a couple of hours it was running round my head with a catchiness that was frankly nauseating – I took this as a good sign.  Tapped out the drums, sang and played the rhythm on a Telecaster and Les Paul Studio with P90’s. Then using my Peter Green style out of phase setting on my Tokai Love Rock  doodled some lead lines. The phrase a little knowledge is bad thing my well apply to the lead guitar as now I know a few scales I  don’t know when to stop. The addition of a full length mirror could only enhance my playing I feel.

So click on this link to hear the masterpiece in full   

                                   The Gospel According To Pretty