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Patterns in Penarth with a Panasonic GF-1

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So, finally, the day arrived that I’ve longed for, when James asked me “Can we go for a walk to the Pier and take pictures of patterns?” Of course this was some homework for a school art project but nonetheless I regarded it as a breakthrough. Next thing you know, he’ll be begging me to go to a Plymouth Argyle game.

I haven’t had a compact since the death of my Panasonic LZ7 and arrival of a smart phone, so I took the Panasonic GF1 armed with the stock lens that I rarely use.  I took a few shots myself and when James found something he considered a pattern, I’d give him the GF1 to use.  It’s murder to use these non viewfinder cameras on sunny days so it’s almost like using film in that you’ve no idea what you’ve got till you get home.  I have ordered an electronic viewfinder (Panasonic DMW-LVF1E) at great expense, so I’m hoping to solve this problem in the future.

We wandered the same old route that I’ve dragged him many times before and, in a remarkable moment which may signal that my son has been kidnapped by aliens, he actually said he was “having fun”.   It has to be said that once we had the six shots that fulfilled the brief, he was keen to get back home.  We came across what I thought was a heart on some peeling paint but James pointed out to me with his greater insight in to the minds of young boys that it was a skull.  Still it’s my favourite shot of the ones I took.

We did have time to look at the horror the developers have brought to Penarth front.  The old buildings have been removed apart from the two ends, so a great big hole exists in the middle like a bomb has gone off.  Judging by the recent record of the Vale of Glamorgan planning department I don’t hold out much hope of anything even vaguely appropriate going up in their place.  It’s a scandal that one of the richest councils in Wales can’t find the funds to look after the heritage of Penarth.  Total dimwits.

Anyway, back home, and James and I could both be happy with our work.  I loaded the photos into Lightroom, sharpened them a touch and tweaked the contrast.  Here below is the best of the bunch; the first six being the homework.

Three Songs from the Bottom of the Barrel.

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Two of these have been knocking around for a while and I’ve been trying to hack the third into shape for an age.  With the arrival of Cuebase 6, I decided to have a clear out.  Steinberg seem to bring out a new version every few months and the extra features I almost never use, but I like to remain current.  My ‘slap it down’ technique is hardly appropriate for this behemoth and I barely use any of its features but, occasionally, I find something that’s useful.  Recently I found the Media Bay which has probably been part of it for a few versions and it works great with loops.  It matches the tempo to the song and lets you preview with ease.

Anyway, three songs; one of which is a cover of the old Lou Reed epic ‘Walk on the Wildside’  – it’s best not to tell him as I know he’s easily upset by bad covers.  Just me and a quiet guitar, so you get the maximium nuance of my mumbling.  I bring all my knowledge of decadent seventies NewYork to this one.

The next is written when I was frankly a bit pissed off.  I know it’s hard to believe a sweet soul like myself could carry a dark thought in his head, but have you looked around the world lately?  It’s called ‘The Funsuckers’ and it’s my gift to teenagers everywhere.

The third is, I suppose, a love song but it may well be having trouble deciding.  You write these things in all excitement and think how great they are and then, when you come back to it, it clunks like a suit of armour in Scooby Doo.  Bits of it I like, but bits of it I hate, so I just shoe horned it into an arrangement in the hope that I could move on without a backward glance.  It’s called  ‘Go Round in Circles’ which is what I did with it for a few months.

Here they are then ….

Walk on the Wildside (Reed)

The Funsuckers (Willson)

Go Round in Circles(Willson)

The picture is taken with Nikon D200 with Nikon 18mm.