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A Mamiya NC1000 in the Garden

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I’ve been going through my pile of old cameras and bits with a view to having a clear out when I came across this old thing from 1978. It’s a Mamiya NC1000 which I bought for under a tenner in a previous burst of camera buying.  I suspect it’s not even worth that now. It is armed with  your standard 50mm lens as done by Mamiya-Sekor.

I was never very sure how to operate it manually as the meter only seems to function when it is in AE mode. The manual is here if you want to check it out.  It had a film in so I’d decided to shoot the rest of the roll and see what I had.  I set it to its AE mode which   is shutter priority and let it do its thing .  Its quite a well made camera if a bit of an oddity.

It turned out I had Ilford FP4 on the roll which I processed in my new Adonal(just Rodinal under another name). Nothing very exciting but the camera performed fine. I Selenium toned the shots in Lightroom and here they are below.

On Jersey with Panasonic GF-1 and 20mm.

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With the dark of Autumn upon us the family escaped to Jersey for half term. A plane with old fashioned propellers struggled through high winds to deposit us on the tax haven.  We decamped to the excellent L’Horizon with views over the magnificent St Brelades Bay.

The only problem then was to find things to do between eating. Each day started with that most dangerous of things, the all you can eat hotel breakfast. Thankfully by the second day we realised lunch could be dropped in favour of cake and coffee.  Though this admirable restraint led to more greed in the evening as our appetites returned with some force. The scales wisely hid on our return and frankly I don’t much want to see them either.

The tide came in the tide went out while  dogs walkers promenaded on the beach and armed with my Panasonic GF-1 and 20mm I snapped away.  The sea and the sky should have their own TV show with a guest appearance by light and you have a winner.

We revisited old haunts like La Hogue Bie a neolithic tomb with  a medieval church built upon it. Everywhere on Jersey evidence of the German visitors of the 1940s abound even on this site. Here there is an underground command bunker with the faces and stories of those unfortunate enough to be brought to the island as slave labour.  James found it quite upsetting, the youngest victims being 16 year olds from Eastern Europe. Horrible history of a different kind was on offer here.

We  walked the beaches in the teeth of a gale sometimes but in the main the weather was kind. A fab break and here are the pictures to prove it.

Processed in Lightroom to give them a vintage look which appears to mean a lot of yellow.