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Snowy Penarth with a Panasonic GF-1 and 14mm f2.5

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As predicted it snowed in the wee small hours so I took my Panasonic GF-1 and  14mm lens out when I went to get bread. It was a wet slushy kind of snow and still falling lightly in the swirling wind. The roads were unusually quite and the cars using them picked their way carefully.

I choose the Panasonic GF-1  because I didn’t care about it getting wet as it’s been superseded by my love of Fuji – having an optical finder is a big plus in my book. On a snowy day though, when the LCD is easy to see, it’s a really great camera as no one really notices you’ve got it. This is as close as I get to street photography and while a bit lame they’re not bad for ten minutes work.

There was no sign of panic buying in the well stocked bakery but I felt a twinge of guilt as I bought two loaves. I resisted the temptation to say ‘Look I’m not in a panic, this is just normal weekend usage,  nothing to see here’.  I was reminded of my 2012 moment in this vein when with petrol shortages raging I needed fuel for the lawnmower. I was very self conscious as got out of the car with my 5L container amongst the queuing motorists. ‘Look at that bastard not needing to fill up his car but just stocking piling’.   Once more I resisted the temptation to begin a casual conversation about how ‘the break in the rain meant I could MOW MY LAWN..hoarding good Lord no’.  Not that you should draw from this that I’m in anyway paranoid; just sensitive to the needs of others.

Anyway, I strolled home taking a few more shots from the hip  while realising that my shoes appeared not to be waterproof in any meaningful sense. Oh and I  bought doughnuts, of course to share, who do you think I am Homer Simpson?

See my efforts below which are grayscaled and tweaked in Lightroom for your viewing.

Walking in Penarth with the Fuji X-Pro 1 and 35mm f1.4

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The clouds parted briefly in the New Year and, with school approaching, it was time to tire the boy out enough that he might actually go to sleep before midnight.  Naturally the prospect of being disconnected from the global network was not met with much enthusiasm, but the possibility of ice-cream was dangled and the bait taken.

We wandered as always with me striding off and James, his hood up, following in a manner that suggests to an outside observer that I will be his next mugging victim. We strike up a good healthy dialogue normally, as he tells me I’m old and stupid and I counter that he is young and knows nothing.

We then spend the rest of the time negotiating the length of this shared pleasure and whether killing things all day long might have a detrimental effect on the mind of a teenager. To be fair to him, in his games he’s always a mage or a healer and surprisingly moral considering he has such a dissolute father.  He tested me on some Walking Dead (it’s a game) plot lines once and it turned out I might be a bit of a liability in a zombie apocalypse situation.

We did the full circuit of Penarth seafront but sadly the ice cream vendors had their feet up at home. I was forced to promise ice-cream on our return as we trudged up the very steep climb home.

Here are some more efforts with the Fuji X-Pro 1 and 35mm f1.4 with the usual Yesteryear preset in Lightroom.

The End of the Year with a Fuji X-Pro 1 and 35mm f1.4.

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It was new camera time this Christmas as Santa brought me a shiny new Fuji X-Pro 1 while my son kindly gave me his cold.  The former was great, the latter not so much fun, as we had to hit the road to distant relatives. I suffered in stoic silence as I always do, remarking only that a large mausoleum containing my great works would be a fitting tribute in the event of my demise.

I ate drank and was merry as best I could, while firing off some shots to test the camera.  When viewed later their quality suggested that perhaps a small child had been handed a camera for the first time and shot randomly at a cup, a door and an obviously very interesting floor. They were not fit to carpet the cutting room.

On Boxing day I was able to get outside between the regular rain showers and shoot in the fading Sussex light. The X-Pro 1 proved a fine camera especially the view finder. The fact that all the important controls are on the outside  and not buried in some menu is a distinct bonus.

It reminds me most of the  Japanese rangefinders that companies like Yashica used to produce in the 70’s and 80’s. It’s not as robust as a Leica but it’s a similar shooting experience while not being a rangefinder at all. I used the 35mm f1.4(that’s 50mm in old technology) and a damn fine lens it proved. The jpg’s straight out of the camera are excellent.

For those concerned for my health I’ve shaken off the cold and am ready to rip the head off the year 2013.

Samples below tweaked in Lightroom with a Yesteryear preset.