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In the City with a Fuji X-Pro 1

Posted in Uncategorized on April 21, 2013 by yammerman


Fear not disappointed blog readers, I have returned from my winter slumber to relieve your ennui.  The family escaped to London for a few days in February and returned to the city  where we once lived, in a time when I did actual paid work.  At first I was a temp worker for Manpower out of Bond St and later a engineer for those new fangled PCs, that began to appear in offices in the late Eighties.  People were amazed by 64k  desktops back in those days,  the equivalent of coloured beads and mirrors in today’s market. When ever I regale the family with my tales of daring do in the white heat of the PC revolution, their eyes glaze over and they look as people might, who dream of the joys of watching paint dry.

It was great to be back in the big city as I find I still love its tidal wave of humanity busy doing something while  surrounded by spectacular buildings that inhabitants of exotic faraway places can only dream.  It’s a great  town and even when I lived here, the thrill of crossing the river, from the strange and mysterious south to proper London of the north, got me every time. We stayed in a Thistle hotel; a byword for functional in the world of city hotels.  Right up one end of Oxford St., we could be walking in the wild West End in no time.

I shall gloss over my error of allowing my wife to direct us on our first night in search of food, as it involved walking in the the freezing rain for a period even good old Captain Oates might have felt was a little beyond ‘sometime’.  The trip was a battle between those elements of the party who required gratification afforded by shopping and those who were in search of  a deeper more spiritual nourishment.  I like to think all were satisfied  and certainly, as we staggered back to the train for the return journey, whatever portering skills I may have gained at Manpower sure came in handy.

We took in the British Museum, Covent Garden, Man Ray at the National Portrait Gallery , a quick peruse of the National Gallery, Trafalgar Sq, the Life of Pi in Leicester Sq and most importantly ate cake at any given opportunity.  I took two cameras: my Fuji X-Pro 1 and a Rolleiflex 3.5f .  Below are the shots from the Fuji deemed acceptable by my editor.  Apparently people photography is not my strong point even though I argue I’ve done a course and everything.  Thus some shots are on the cutting room floor and I live to see another dawn .

See photographs below.