Lazying on a Sunny Afternoon with a Panasonic G6.

Light Plane Not on Fire.

Light Plane Not on Fire.

I’ve been taking out the Panasonic G6 that I picked up on Ebay for a song, as its lightness is a huge boon.  Plus among my selection of micro 4/3 lenses is a 75-200mm, so it gives me reach for not much hardship.

I took most of these on a family expedition to the South Coast, where the photo opportunity of a veteran Spitfire and a plane firing off fireworks I mostly missed. The photographic gods like to tease me with this stuff, knowing full well that, by the time I’ve found the camera and put on the right lens, the show will be pretty much over.

I’m certain that one day a UFO will land close by me and the world will ask if I took a photo.  I’ll have to explain, shifting from foot to foot, that a rather pleasant cup of tea and a biscuit were on my mind and I didn’t really want all the bother. They aliens say Hi by the way and it turns out they’re more of a coffee culture.

I had a pleasant afternoon shooting stuff that had the decency to mostly stand still, though clearly lacking the gravitas for a Newsweek cover.  I feel a little atmosphere of a bucolic English summer might be in there somewhere.   Still, slam the sliders randomly in Lightroom and mutter something about grasping a new reality beyond the confines of the normal  human colour spectrum and it’s safe to say the king’s new clothes  are looking pretty fine and dandy.

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