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A Walk with a Mamiya 7 MkII

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The last days of summer are upon us and in a break from the everyday 35mm I took out my Mamiya 7 MkII with its 80mm lens. Only ten frames of 6×7 on a roll of 120 generate a feeling you need to make every frame count but on a sleepy afternoon in Penarth, it’s not so easy. I’ve done this walk hundreds of times so I don’t expect to find anything new but a different camera always has other ideas. Few things in life are as lovely as a large black and white negative fresh out of the wash, shiny and wet offering up its delayed satisfaction.  You know I might even print some in the darkroom.

This is the whole roll of Ilford FP4 processed in Ilford HC for 6:30mins @  22 degrees and then tweaked in Adobe Lightroom.

Royal Photo Shoot with Pentax 6×7 + 135mm Macro and Tubes

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Sometime in the summer after I acquired a Bronica SQA I decided it was time to sell my old Pentax 6×7 and the lenses I’d used with it. One of these was the Pentax 135mm f4 Macro lens which I tried a few times with some extension tubes I picked up cheap. In order to test the camera I decided it was best shoot off a quick roll to check it was all working correctly. I shot a roll of Konica Minolta Centuria Pro400  which seems to to have punchy colours and was very cheap.

My son has a collection of figures that I occasionally use as subject matter but never very seriously. This time I set up a couple of lights round a small fold out studio I had and using the 135mm macro and a couple of extension tubes and  took a series of portraits. I liked what I was seeing through the lens and thought there might be a project in this at some later stage. Naturally I completely forgot about this as I moved on to some other idea in my rather haphazard way. The roll of film has been sitting on the shelf unprocessed for an age and it was only because my local Tesco’s have stopped processing 35mm film that I was forced to visit Davis Colour who I’ve used in the past for my colour medium format projects. As it’s a pro lab I always worry that my rather slap dash approach to shooting might betray me. But when I saw the contact sheet of these and the vivid colours I realised that it didn’t matter what they thought as I really liked them.

 This is the closest I’m going to get to Royal photography and perhaps now I can exchange lighting tips with Annie Leibovitz and show her how to have total control of your subject and avoid all that storming out business. Maybe I’m to photography what the guy in Flight of the Phoenix is to airplane building…… so your majesty if you’re reading this I’m ready for the gig if you need me.

This is all  ten images from the roll.