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West Sussex on a Roll of HP5+.

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I’m slowly working through the rolls of exposed film sitting in the darkroom. It’s not quite the 2500 rolls that Gary Winogrand left but given a fair wind with my health and a continued need to click a shutter, a small mountain might yet be in my grasp.

I’m currently processing one at a time just to get a feel for how the chemistry is working.  Using Ilford HC instead of Rodinal gives slightly better grain with Ilford HP5+ to my eye though that is using the Epson V700 rather than darkroom printing. I will fire up the enlarger at some point if only to see the difference.

I used a more concentrated Ilford HC this time at 1+31 instead of 1+47 which at 20degrees only takes 6:30. The HC has turned a tinge of brown in the bottle but still seems to have some potency. A lot less dust this time but I kept the windows closed (I’m a bit of a genius on the quiet) which is somewhat easier with autumn coming on. I changed back to the Ilford wetting agent and scanned the film as soon as it was dry. Still the odd blob but not the blizzard I had been getting.

This roll is shot on the south coast around Emsworth and Chidam. Nothing exciting tweaked in Lightroom with a bit of noise reduction and an Antique preset. Likely  shot with Leica M3 and 50mm Summicron.

Bessa R2a on Jersey using Ilford HP5+ in Xtol.

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Pot and Glass

I shot 5 rolls of Ilford HP5+ on Jersey and already had two rolls sitting waiting to be developed so I decided to use up some of the Xtol I bought cheap at Warehouse Express.

I found this tames the grain a little when using HP5 especially when shooting at 1600. These were all at 400  so I used Xtol 1+1 @22degrees for 8.5 minutes with one inversion every minute. Then scanned  at 1200dpi on an Epson V700  Considering I shot 5 rolls on Jersey I was pretty disappointed with the results although not altogether suprised. Trying to use both film and digital on the family holidays always seems to creat a confusion in my mind. I tend to get into a digital mode and then remember the B&W and shoot rather thoughtlessly to compensate.

This time I took my Bessa R2a , which is my budget access to aperture priority in the rangefinder system, when really I’d love an M7. Its seems a good idea for family holidays when time is at a premium and the targets are genearally moving. Normally I take a 50mm with me, which is why I’ve been favouring the Leica M3 recently and its wonderful viewfinder for the 50mm shooter. This time I thought I’d only take my Leica 35mm Summicron ASPH which on the 0.72 finder of the Bessa gives a larger size view than a 50mm. I thought the wider angle of view might work better with landscapes likely to present themselves on Jersey. It didn’t work out like that as I just ended up missing my fifty and being caught between the digital and film camera debate. I took less stuff with me on this holiday but then regretted some of the choices I’d made. I started to miss the 50mm which I’ve used so much recently, not bringing a zoom or a wide angle just seemed more daft as the holiday progressed. I really missed a zoom at Durrells Wildlife Conservation Trust,  where I had some really clear views of animals actually doing stuff.  I also started to notice how loud the shutter was on the Bessa, an SLR gunshot compared to the whisper of the M3.

Of the shots below the first lot are from Jersey and then at the end theres five from the rolls I shot with the M3 and the Leica 50mm Summicron DR  the very last one is my favourite, of the pot and the glass. Since Malcolm Taylor gave it a service it has out performed everything I use. It could be that it just goes so well with the M3  but some shots taken with it just leap out at me as that one did. Anyway been a bit of nerds post this time round but I’m trying to get through as much recent stuff now those dark Autumn nights are upon us.

See photographs below.