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Ordering the Chaos with a Bessa R2a and Canon 50mm LTM.

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I went for another wander in the environs of Chidam armed with my Bessa  R2a (which has mysteriously started working again) and the Canon 50mm F1.4 LTM. It was late afternoon and I wandered alone as the sun sank in the west. A roll of Hp5+ was followed by Rollei 400s which gave me about 50 shots. I processed the two films in Rodinal; Hp5 needs less time than the Massive Dev chart states and Rollei 400s needs exactly what it says.   I scanned and loaded them into Lightroom and selected those with which I was most pleased.

It is at this point my ruminations began, as once more it was the shots where I had control of the frame that appealed to me most. They are the details and patterns, mostly small pieces of the world. I vaguely remember reading that this kind of photography is the photographer trying to bring order to a chaotic world and I’m not adverse to that view.

A friend of mine once wrote a line that went ‘Everything I see, I see with a camera’  and it has come back to haunt me in the years since I have taken up photography. Before I did photographic courses, I took mostly snaps just recording the passage of life. The only time I used a camera extensively  was on a year long trip to Australia and it was there I can see I started to try and record small details. It was 10 years later when being taught photography that I became aware how drawn I was to shoot like this when left to my own devices.

What had been an instinctive thing was distilled by the intensity of being taught something new. The way I saw the world actually changed by looking at it through a viewfinder.  Everything I saw, I did indeed see with a camera. Now I walk around even without a camera thinking details, frames, light, shade and patterns.  I don’t think it’ll ever go away now as what could be better than a pattern of bricks, a fence or an old drain cover.

And have I succeeded in bringing order to a chaotic world?  Well, judging by the news these days  that seems to have been a spectacular failure but what else is there to do but keep on trying.

On Plymouth Hoe with a Leica M4P and Voigtlander 28mm.

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Boy in a Pool using a Voigtlander Bessa R2a and Leica 35mm f2 ASPH

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So the film has been piling up for months and I’ve not been inclined to process it as the darkroom was a mess and I simply could not put down the guitars. With the boy back at school, a peace has once more descended on the house and with it the energy to tackle the mess in the attic. With a semblance of order returned, I decided to tackle the four rolls of Rollei Retro 100 I’d shot this summer.    

 The problem of leaving it so long is, once I see the images, I then have to rack my brains as to which camera it was using. For the pictures I’m posting here I’m sure it was the Voigtlander Bessa R2a and the Leica 35mm F2 ASPH  which is the holiday camera of choice and 35mm being the compromise between 28 and 50mm when trying to travel light. Plus there’s a picture of me on one of the rolls and the Bessa is the only one with a meter and aperture priority enabling Gillian to shoot with confidence.    

The Rollei Retro 100 was a cheap film I picked up in bulk having at first been drawn to the 400 version. I’ve started using Rodinal which seems to be going well as these negatives came out fine. It was 9 mins @ 23 degrees with 15 secs of agitation to start and then one turn of the tank every 30 secs. I was some what alarmed when the developer ran black as I emptied the tank but it must be a dye on the film because it processed well. I’ll probably reduce the time a bit more  as a thinner negative will be easier to scan.   

 These shots are just a few from our villa holiday in Portugal in June where we did nothing for a week except lounge, swim and eat. This naturally reduced the subjects to photograph down to one namely James doing his best impression of a fish.  With water, light and movement, what’s not to interest a photographer? 






Penarth Pier with Leica M2 and Voigtlander 28mm f3.5

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Just some  shots I took down at the pier  on an afternoon when we had sun and not the miserable drizzling sleet. I took the opportunity to drag the boy away from his Playstation for this ever popular walk. I wanted to use up some film in my Leica M2  and because it is so astoundingly small I took my Voigtlander 28mm f3.5. There’s no 28mm framelines on an M2 so I have a small metal 28mm finder I picked up from a fellow user of the RFF forums. I shot good old Ilford HP5+ which on this bright day meant fast shutter speeds. I used a 28mm all the time when I shot Nikon F’s  but with rangefinders it’s usually 50’s so this was a first for this particular combo. 

Done this walk a thousand times so it’s  the same old things but the light is always different, as is the tide and the people.  It good to have a chat with James who asks the most interesting questions.

James: “Do you have any regrets in your life?”

Me: “No not really.”

James: “What, even the not using hair tonic?”

Where does he get this stuff?

Nothing very exciting in the images processsed in Xtol 1:1 but big on the monitor they look fine.