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West Sussex on a Roll of HP5+.

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I’m slowly working through the rolls of exposed film sitting in the darkroom. It’s not quite the 2500 rolls that Gary Winogrand left but given a fair wind with my health and a continued need to click a shutter, a small mountain might yet be in my grasp.

I’m currently processing one at a time just to get a feel for how the chemistry is working.  Using Ilford HC instead of Rodinal gives slightly better grain with Ilford HP5+ to my eye though that is using the Epson V700 rather than darkroom printing. I will fire up the enlarger at some point if only to see the difference.

I used a more concentrated Ilford HC this time at 1+31 instead of 1+47 which at 20degrees only takes 6:30. The HC has turned a tinge of brown in the bottle but still seems to have some potency. A lot less dust this time but I kept the windows closed (I’m a bit of a genius on the quiet) which is somewhat easier with autumn coming on. I changed back to the Ilford wetting agent and scanned the film as soon as it was dry. Still the odd blob but not the blizzard I had been getting.

This roll is shot on the south coast around Emsworth and Chidam. Nothing exciting tweaked in Lightroom with a bit of noise reduction and an Antique preset. Likely  shot with Leica M3 and 50mm Summicron.

The End of the Year with a Fuji X-Pro 1 and 35mm f1.4.

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It was new camera time this Christmas as Santa brought me a shiny new Fuji X-Pro 1 while my son kindly gave me his cold.  The former was great, the latter not so much fun, as we had to hit the road to distant relatives. I suffered in stoic silence as I always do, remarking only that a large mausoleum containing my great works would be a fitting tribute in the event of my demise.

I ate drank and was merry as best I could, while firing off some shots to test the camera.  When viewed later their quality suggested that perhaps a small child had been handed a camera for the first time and shot randomly at a cup, a door and an obviously very interesting floor. They were not fit to carpet the cutting room.

On Boxing day I was able to get outside between the regular rain showers and shoot in the fading Sussex light. The X-Pro 1 proved a fine camera especially the view finder. The fact that all the important controls are on the outside  and not buried in some menu is a distinct bonus.

It reminds me most of the  Japanese rangefinders that companies like Yashica used to produce in the 70’s and 80’s. It’s not as robust as a Leica but it’s a similar shooting experience while not being a rangefinder at all. I used the 35mm f1.4(that’s 50mm in old technology) and a damn fine lens it proved. The jpg’s straight out of the camera are excellent.

For those concerned for my health I’ve shaken off the cold and am ready to rip the head off the year 2013.

Samples below tweaked in Lightroom with a Yesteryear preset.

West Sussex in the Rain with a Fuji X100.

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We left a sunny Wales on Friday for a wet English South Coast. If only the rain had come earlier it might have drowned out the awful David Starkey on  Radio Four’s  Any Questions, a man for whom the expression ‘he likes the sound of his own voice’ was coined.  Instead it hammered on the roof of the car as a far more interesting science fiction tale Landfall unfolded for our listening pleasure. It was difficult to follow the finer points of lateral evolution as our heroes went from being a grumpy cadre of misfits to a celestial forest or something like that.  Nothing speeds a journey more than an imagination taken elsewhere.

The road became a confusing series of hypnotic water splashes as I tried to keep the car between the barely visible white lines. I hunched over the wheel and the thought of Amy Johnson bravely battling through clouds in her Gypsy Moth came into my mind, that is until my wife handed me what remained of the Snickers bar I had been consuming. The devils dancing on the roof continued till we reached our destination and their music may well be how the Summer of 2012 will be remembered. Of course, it was climatic conditions like this that helped usher in the French Revolution;  lucky then that we don’t have a bankrupt state and corrupt politicians to contend with.

On the Saturday I dragged my son for a walk and much to his delight we were driven back by the rain. We consoled ourselves with a hearty meal at the Old House pub which judging by the number of canine creatures is a must for hungry dog lovers. The food was most pleasant and in sufficient quantity to have me slumped in an armchair dreaming of chasing cats for most of the afternoon. Oh no, that wouldn’t have been me.

I awoke with the rain, now barely a spit, but failed to summon any enthusiasm from the rest of the party. Apparently they had ‘the wrong shoes’ or there were leaves on the line or some such excuse. I set off for my favourite old barn which I’d noticed had been tidied up. To what end I have no idea, as it is still a crumbling ruin but clearly someone likes it as much as me. The road had turned into a river and I discovered that there is indeed something to this concept of the wrong shoes.

I squelched on as best I could and discovered I could take pictures inside the barn if I shoved my camera through a hole. Rather disappointingly the Famous Five were not being held captive nor was there any evidence of recent witch coven meetings. In fact give it couple of hours on a DIY rescue reality show and you could probably turn a tidy profit.

I continued through the muted summer colours struggling to find many more subjects as the rain fell with renewed intensity. The landscape with its cornfields lent itself to panorama and its tone to that of the film ‘The Go-Between‘. I half expected to see a small boy running messages between Julie Christie and Alan Bates. These days they’d be sending each other texts and the small boy would be at home on his computer much like my own and the story would be lost in a blizzard of inconsequence.

My own contribution to the chatter are these photos below taken with Fuji x100 and  adjusted with an ‘Aged’ preset in Lightroom. This is England in the glorious summer of 2012.

Life Mimics Art with Panasonic GF1 & 20mm Pancake.

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After we’d been to Emsworth at the weekend, it was such a beautiful evening that we decided to embark on a stroll before the sunset. A grumbling child and pesky flies couldn’t spoil our enjoyment as we meandered through the familiar Sussex landscape.

I took a series of dull photos and then with my final shot of the day I looked through the viewfinder and was instantly reminded of a piece of art I had bought in Alice Springs in 1995. It’s called ‘Guardians’ by Sue Charles  in acrylic on 6×8 canvas board. I have it above the door of my attic and, since James has been born, it always reminds me of our own family unit.  I clicked the shutter and though I took  a few more staged shots after I knew what I was trying to recreate, it was the first that was the best.

I enjoy coincidences like that and take it as a sign the universe is nodding its ascent . Or maybe it just goes to prove I’m a bit barmy.

Yesteryear Today with Panasonic GF1 and 20mm Pancake.

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A trip to West Sussex at the weekend meant I had an opportunity to visit my old friend Bob Machin and take my 1963 Fender Jaguar to the workshop of Joe White guitar maestro.  A previous owner had stripped off the original finish and as I’d hoped, Joe suggested he could put it back to the authentic 1963 sunburst look.  So I’m looking forward to getting it back in a few weeks and peeling off some licks inspired by its new vintage vibe.

We then visited Guitar Village to inspect a used Gibson 335 and imagined how good it would be to own it.  The price tag kept this idea in the realms of fantasy and we made do with a slap up lunch instead.

I then returned to my family in time to suggest a trip to Emsworth a town I had myself lived in 1965. My Jag would have been two years old then and was no doubt helping hip young Britain to  swing through the 60s. I on the other hand was taking the grand sum of sixpence to the toy shop in Emsworth and buying an Airfix Spitfire Kit.

I wandered down to the waterfront and took some snaps of people messing about on boats. Looking at them in Lightroom I’d thought of going B&W but when I clicked on the Yesteryear colour preset that golden glow reminded me of all those Kodak moments every 60’s family must have stacked up in boxes, probably in the attic.

The chemists will tell you that that the yellow tint is a result of the chemcials in the colour film development breaking down or badly calibrated processing machines. But those of us who lived through those summers know that we really were bathed in a golden glow.

A lot a people will think they look unreal but I like to think they contain tints of the truth.

Wandering in West Sussex with a Panasonic GF-1 and 20mm Pancake

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Chidam with Fotoman 45PS and Schneider 90mm Super Angulon

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I’m trying to catch up with some stuff I’ve done recently, mostly slowed down by the tedium of scanning. Took the Fotoman 45PS to the in laws in West Sussex where there is a an old building that I’ve been particularly attracted to over the years. I rattled off far too many images too quickly, some on a family walk, and thus the blunder rate was higher than I’d hoped. This included accidently pulling the darkslide off a previously exposed shot and crumpling the film when trying to put the darkslide back in. It’s a heart sinking moment when you realise a hard won image has been trashed by your own incompetance at some stage in the procedure. I also had evidence of chemcial flow on some of the shots when I scanned them so I’ve invented a new way for things to go wrong. I’m guessing it’s some weakness in my technique when tray processing. Still I’m reasonably happy with what remains and I got the barn. 

Shot with a Schneider 90mm F8 Super Angulon with HP5+. Processed in trays using Xtol 1+1 and scanned using Epson V700.