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Garden Macro with Leica R4s and 60mm Elmarit

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On Sunday, I spent some time in the garden in order that I had two rolls of Rollei Retro 100 to process and I used one of my favourite macro lenses the Leica 60mm Elmarit. I used it with a Leica R4s which as SLRs go is a bit clunky but if it lets me use this very fine lens I don’t mind. One of my favourite things is taking an ordinary space and, by really exploring it and looking for interesting shapes and forms, make it come to life under the close inspection of a macro lens.

I’m warming to this Rollei Retro 100 as, apart from its sharpness, its seems to have processed well  in Xtol (1+1).  I’ve yet to print any of the negatives in the darkroom but they seem to be scanning  with some good tones. Once I took them into Lightroom  I decided to play about with some of the presets and I do seem drawn to the Antique Light that is on offer.  Rather a guilty pleasure as the purist in me feels this amounts to cheating.  There was certainly more magic when I used the chemicals to tone some  prints earlier in the year but these  results are very good and without the risk that I’ll come in to contact with some noxious chemical.

Penarth with a Lomo Fisheye

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A while ago I received a Lomo Fish Eye camera as a present from my good friend Bob Machin and I did take a couple of good shots with it. The flash sadly packed up almost immediatley which kind stopped me in my tracks but I’d been meaning to get out with it for a while. So as I watched the sunlight stream through the curtains this morning the idea popped into my head to dash round Penarth and knock a roll of fisheye masterpieces. Perfect material for a blog I thought. So here in all its glory is the gallery of images.  I might do a calender next year.

Shot with some very cheap Rollei Retro 100 and processed in Xtol 1+1

Bessa R2a on Jersey using Ilford HP5+ in Xtol.

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Pot and Glass

I shot 5 rolls of Ilford HP5+ on Jersey and already had two rolls sitting waiting to be developed so I decided to use up some of the Xtol I bought cheap at Warehouse Express.

I found this tames the grain a little when using HP5 especially when shooting at 1600. These were all at 400  so I used Xtol 1+1 @22degrees for 8.5 minutes with one inversion every minute. Then scanned  at 1200dpi on an Epson V700  Considering I shot 5 rolls on Jersey I was pretty disappointed with the results although not altogether suprised. Trying to use both film and digital on the family holidays always seems to creat a confusion in my mind. I tend to get into a digital mode and then remember the B&W and shoot rather thoughtlessly to compensate.

This time I took my Bessa R2a , which is my budget access to aperture priority in the rangefinder system, when really I’d love an M7. Its seems a good idea for family holidays when time is at a premium and the targets are genearally moving. Normally I take a 50mm with me, which is why I’ve been favouring the Leica M3 recently and its wonderful viewfinder for the 50mm shooter. This time I thought I’d only take my Leica 35mm Summicron ASPH which on the 0.72 finder of the Bessa gives a larger size view than a 50mm. I thought the wider angle of view might work better with landscapes likely to present themselves on Jersey. It didn’t work out like that as I just ended up missing my fifty and being caught between the digital and film camera debate. I took less stuff with me on this holiday but then regretted some of the choices I’d made. I started to miss the 50mm which I’ve used so much recently, not bringing a zoom or a wide angle just seemed more daft as the holiday progressed. I really missed a zoom at Durrells Wildlife Conservation Trust,  where I had some really clear views of animals actually doing stuff.  I also started to notice how loud the shutter was on the Bessa, an SLR gunshot compared to the whisper of the M3.

Of the shots below the first lot are from Jersey and then at the end theres five from the rolls I shot with the M3 and the Leica 50mm Summicron DR  the very last one is my favourite, of the pot and the glass. Since Malcolm Taylor gave it a service it has out performed everything I use. It could be that it just goes so well with the M3  but some shots taken with it just leap out at me as that one did. Anyway been a bit of nerds post this time round but I’m trying to get through as much recent stuff now those dark Autumn nights are upon us.

See photographs below.